Welcome to the Club!

Here some instructions to get you started:


Now you have an artist account, that you can use to:

  1. Upload your art to justart.club for everyone to see
  2. Sell your art

You have received an email with you username.

All the art you will upload will be visibile to the public at the link: http://www.justart.club/artist/YOUR-USERNAME

From the menu “My Account” you can access all options to manage your account and your art.

Every sale will be subject to a 25% commission.


You can manage you art or add new one form here: http://www.justart.club/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product

Click on “ADD PRODUCT” to add a new piece of art.

The most important settings of a “new product” are:

Product name: this is the title of the artwork


Regular price: if the artwork is for sale, here you input its price (including shipping)

Tax status and Tax class: leave them with the deafult value (taxable and standard)


if the product is for sale, set it as it follow:


If ti is NOT for sale, set it as follow


Product short description: Here you can write anything you like about your Artwork

Product Categories: select the media of the artwork – if the desired media is not present, let us know

Product tags: select the themes of your artwork – try to use existent ones whenever possible, or add new ones.

External product image / Product image: here you either past the link to the image of your artwork (if it is, for example, in photobucket of flickr), or upload the picture of it.

When you are done, you can either save the artwork as draft, see the preview or publish it with the options in the upper-right corner of the page.